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12 June 1990
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Aloha. =) I'm an art student, who spends far too much time writing slash and listening to Queen just in general. With my gap year I co-organising a sponsored walk in aid of the MercuryPhoenix Trust. After walking 400miles from the West to East of Britain, my view on life has become somewhat lazier, there's nothing quite like a good sit down with a cup of tea, don't forget it. ;-) I love painting, drawing, writing and reading. I have three siblings and am subsequently extremely argumentative and opinionated. ^_^ I'm doing a degree in Illustration. After that though, I hope to be a firefighter or paramedic. =)

I have two other journals, for other things. =)

sandy_wolf - A soapbox of sorts, where I keep rants that I didn't want to discuss on a forum where trolls would get at it. XD Or indeed, rants about internet trolls. Rants, basically. ;-)

canon_fire - A collection of Remus Lupin fan fiction. =)

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